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We all trust in the God of the Dollar Bill…



(but some are concerned about quality too)



You save by contracting your translations jobs directly


By working directly with a contractor, you can obtain reasonable savings, while the contractor earns more than working for a middle person. Yet, the contractor should be qualified for the job.


You will have superior quality


How can anybody evaluate a job in a language that doesn't command? Obviously, that's an impossible task. But just as you choose a doctor or a mechanic without much knowledge of medicine or engines, you can make a decision based on the references of people you trust, or you can check the experience and background of the candidates.


Because of my vast experience in this field, my writing skills and deep knowledge of the Spanish language, I am uniquely qualified to provide a service of superior qual-i-ty.


Your translation will be appropriate for all Spanish speaking countries


The idea that there are many versions of the Spanish language has been badly exaggerated. This concept is not more valid than assuming that  there is a different English language for each English speaking country, region or race.


I lived in Spain and Argentina. After more than 20 years in the USA, I have worked with people from all Latin-American countries. This allows me to use a 'generic' Spanish that is understandable and transparent to Spanish speaking people from all over, clean of local influences.


By the way: There are differences in the use of the language from place to place, but what most people consider different Spanish dialects are, mostly, the reflection of different levels of education of those who speak the language.